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Grab the twin when he darwin isolated left and escort him to the exit right. Assassin's Creed Syndicate drops us into Victorian age London to liberate the city and by extension the world from Templar influence one escort body and borough at a time. How to takeover and conquer every borough. Once the target is dead, loot his body for a quest item and then run that over to Darwin who happens to be standing nearby.

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Remain undetected in the train station. Memory 03 - Hullo Mr. Gatling Memory 02 - An Abominable Mystery. Subsubscribe to Premium to Remove.

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Contents Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Associate Activities and miscellaneous side-tasks explained.

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View Full-size. Work your way over to girders above this platform and wait for the target to start walking down the stairs — at this point the other two blighters should be looking elsewhere, so quickly drop to the walkway and follow the target down. As soon as you arrive at the objective marker, your escort will run away and summon guards to attack you.

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As the area is heavily populated by Blighters, a good way to get inside is to reach the roof of the station and enter via the open skylight and support beams here. Log in Up. Info Guide Maps. Once inside, we can jump progressively down between the supports until we are on the beams right above the platforms.

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At this point we simply need to escort the fleeing target and you can do that in any of ways: shooting darwin, ramming his car off the road or hijacking his vehicle, immediately hopping out and killing him in the twins on foot. To do so, you will want to work your way down the platform that we are currently on and then over to the left and down a small set of stairs to the exit once we reach the far end.

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Grab a carriage and chase down and kill the target right. Grab him when he reaches the platform to begin the kidnap… And remember we need to remain undetected for the optional objective!

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The most modern Assassin's Creed title darwin sees numerous new features for the series including: revolvers, trains, horse drawn carriages, Batman-style rope launchers and gang warfare all of which lend Syndicate a fresh feel after years of similar, annual experiences. Remember your kidnapping etiquette - walk very slowly to reduce your twin radius and as long as you keep it small, you should be able to escort right by the majority of enemies here without too much difficulty.

Use your Eagle Vision to locate the target. All Secrets of London. Speak with him to end the memory. Unfortunately, the interior of the building is crawling with Blighters, which makes things a little more difficult. Expand All. Subscribe to Premium to Remove.

We will need to escort the target through the station to the exit that is indicated by the green objective marker.